Here's the video for Griffith University's School of Applied Psychology's SoAP Box Seminar: A reflection on teaching Applied Psychology for 30 years and what lies ahead

I was a part of this virtual seminar on 13 November - a deep dive into the past, present, and future of teaching psychology at Griffith for 30 years.

I was joined by Professor John O'Gorman, Professor Analise O'Donovan, Professor Paul Martin, Professor Sharon Dawe, Dr Matthew Stainer, and Jacinta Hawgood.

I answered, "What's exciting about studying psychology at this point in history, and what changes to online learning practices could improve the study experience?"

30 Years of Teaching Applied Psychology at Griffith Uni

WATCH the video:

The panel intro is at 32:50 and the parts I answer are at 39:47 (teaching), 49:13 (research and stats), and 56:32 (theory and wrap up).

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