Spent a couple of days at Alicante, Spain beach this week (part of my European Adventures), working on my tan & reading Naomi Klein's new book No is not Enough: Defeating the New Shock Politics.

No is not Enough Defeating the New Shock Politics by Naomi Klein

It's a really comprehensive (as all her books are) guide as to the reason we're now in this surreal political moment (neoliberalism), how things can go from here (a lot worse), and how WE can enact some changes IF we keep our heads, work together, focus on dreaming and planning for a better world, not just resisting.

Remembering that Donald Trump didn't create the problem we're now in, he exploited it.

Some quotes to mobilise:

The firmest of no's has to be accompanied by a bold and forward-looking yes - a plan for the future that is credible and captivating enough that a great many people will fight to see it realised, no matter the shocks and scare tactics thrown their way.

The future depends on our ability to come together across painful divides, and to take leadership from those who traditionally have been most excluded. We have reached the limits of siloed politics, where everyone fights in their own corner and without a clear idea of the concepts and values that must form the moral foundation of the future we need.

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