Here are my suggestions for your Summer (Winter) reading from the books I've read over the past few months, as pictured here:


"The House That Joy Built: The Pleasure & Power of Giving Ourselves Permission to Create" by Australian author Holly Ringland. You may have seen her wonderful "The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart" TV adaption this year.

"Easy Money: Cryptocurrency, Casino Capitalism, & the Golden Age of Fraud" by Ben McKenzie & Jacob Silverman. An easy-to-digest book on crypto written by an actor with a degree in economics. (I read the Sam Bankman-Fried parts along with his court case, which Molly White extensively covered).
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"Doppelgänger: A Trip into the Mirror World" by Naomi Klein. This is my book of the year. As with all her books, it's well-researched and well-written.
It uncovers the Mirror World and our shadow selves, starting with why people confuse Naomi Klein with Naomi Wolf. Why does the "Other Naomi" become a conspiracy influencer? (who Steve Bannon amplifies for his own strategic ways). The book addresses SO much, including various doppelgängerher stories and films, her autistic child, capitalism, white supremacy (e.g., Nazi aims were inspired by US & UK colonialism), and a timely history of Jews and Israel. Community-based collectivist action is the only way to change our reality. Focus on the things that link us instead of getting caught up in "othering" those who look/act differently.
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"Ultra-Processed People" by Chris van Tulleken. A journey to see ultra-processed foods as what they truly are: "an industrially produced edible product.” There is info about nutritional science, food insecurity, impacts on Indigenous food staples, and how foodstuffs can alter children's brains. Overall, corporations are in control - Nestlé is horrific. The more governments allow Big Food companies to self-regulate, the more the focus on selling cheaper products to make shareholders more money comes at the expense of health.
Podcast Interview on YouTube and Article.

"Lola in the Mirror" is another exceptional book from Brisbane author Trent Dalton, focusing on a homeless girl's journey to uncover who she is & what her violent past may teach. Inspired by Trent's homelessness reporting. The TV adaption of his "Boy Swallows Universe" book is coming in January!
More and Read an Excerpt.

I have a heap more to read; I have ordered and pre-ordered others! What have you been reading this year?

Mid-year I got back into reading on my lunch break, which has been really helpful for me to learn new things outside of my PhD. 

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