I'm heading to the US at the end of June for about 5 weeks for some Animal Rights conferences.  I am hoping to get some media and promotion for vivalavegan.net when I'm there as well aiming to interview a heap of US vegans.  I am looking forward to meeting in person my MySpace and FaceBook friends whom I've known online for years!  Please see below for my press release:

Viva la Vegan visitor from Down Under

Leigh-Chantelle from Viva la Vegan! is coming from Australia to the USA in June and July 2010.

Leigh-Chantelle is the creator and operator of Viva la Vegan! and vivalavegan.net the online and interactive community for vegans and vegetarians.  Leigh-Chantelle has released three Viva la Vegan! recipe calendars, combining her passion for vegan health along with her natural therapies and healing skills, and has recently released a plant-based Detox Diet online e-book as well as re-releasing her recipe calendars as recycled recipe cards.

Leigh-Chantelle is the one-woman powerhouse and driving force behind the hugely successful Green Earth Festival, Brisbane’s first cruelty-free, environmental and all-vegan event, that took place in Brisbane 13 March this year.  Leigh-Chantelle has recently been recognised by Supreme Master Ching Hai for her work for the animals, the planet and her promotion of the vegan diet.

The vivalavegan.net website focuses on easy to prepare vegan recipes as well as articles and interactive features including forum, videos, interviews, and a social connectivity to connect to other like-minded individuals.  The re-launch of vivalavegan.net in the next month will also launch a new vegan mentor program.

Over the past 13 years since Leigh-Chantelle has been a vegan she has been involved as a sponsor, performer, speaker and stallholder for various vegan, vegetarian and cruelty free fundraisers, organisations and festivals throughout Australia and has an extensive membership, readership and mailing list for vivalavegan.net.

Leigh-Chantelle will have a stall for Viva la Vegan! at Portland’s Let Live Conference in June and in July at the AR Conference in Washington, DC.  Leigh-Chantelle will also be performing at the AR Conference in Washington as well as speaking as part of the Staging Effective Events workshop.  Leigh-Chantelle states, “This is my first time in the USA as an adult and I am looking forward to meeting other like-minded people with the hope of interviewing various vegans for my vivalavegan.net website.”

Dates are as follows:

Los Angeles: Monday 21st June – Wednesday 23rd June

Lake Oswego, Oregon:  Wednesday 23rd June - Wednesday 14th July

Washington, DC: Wednesday 14th July - Friday 23rd July

Leigh-Chantelle will be attending the following Animal Rights conferences:

Let Live Conference: Portland State University, Portland, Friday 25th – Sunday 27th June

(Leigh-Chantelle will be having a Viva la Vegan! stall)

Animal Rights Conference: Hilton Alexandria Mark Centre Hotel, Washington, Thursday 15th – Monday 19th July
(Leigh-Chantelle will be having a Viva la Vegan! stall, speaking and performing)

Media/PR enquiries:

Holly Brown, A Virtually Mindful Assistant

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More about Leigh-Chantelle:

Leigh-Chantelle is the founder and operator of Viva la Vegan! and the online interactive vegan and vegetarian website vivalavegan.net.  She has released recipe calendars, recycled recipe cards and recently released an online plant-based Detox Diet e-book.  Leigh-Chantelle is the one-woman powerhouse and driving force behind the hugely successful Green Earth Festival that took place in Brisbane 13 March 2010 and has recently been recognised by Supreme Master Ching Hai for all her work for the animals, the planet and for her promotion of the vegan diet.

Leigh-Chantelle has also been involved in the music industry in many ways for over ten years, from festival organising, performing, promotion as well as photography, modelling and film clip production. In 2000 Leigh-Chantelle started her own independent record company, Fanatic Records and website leigh-chantelle.com to launch her debut CD Inspiration Relocation. Since this time she has promoted, marketed and advertised her website and its products, which now include a recycled clothing range, various CDs, merchandise and other creative and interactive products. Though she has long since grown out of her phase of wanting to be a rock star, Leigh-Chantelle continues to write and record songs, as well as co-writing with various musicians in Brisbane, Australia.


About Green Earth Festival:

Seeing the potential for educating and inspiring others to the environmental and cruelty-free lifestyle, Leigh-Chantelle started the Green Earth Group Inc with a group of like-minded friends. Green Earth Group Inc is a not-for-profit environmental awareness charity group who aim to promote a better way of living – for us, for our animal friends and for our planet, and who aim to raise the awareness of the environmental problems we are currently facing by providing simple but effective ways in which every individual can make a positive change. Green Earth Group Inc started their education of the mainstream to all things green, sustainable and cruelty-free via the first and hugely successful all-vegan, cruelty-free, environmental awareness Green Earth Festival organised by Leigh-Chantelle held in March 2010 in Brisbane, Australia. Green Earth Group Inc continue their environmental education by giving free seminars and talks to educate people towards a environmentally friendly, healthy, cruelty-free and ethical lifestyle.


About Holly Brown & A Virtually Mindful Assistant:

Holly Brown has had over 10 years experience as an executive assistant, working in many different industries including finance, publishing, retail, non-profit, marketing, event planning, health insurance and the beauty industry.  Holly created A Virtually Mindful Assistant to help other small business owners realize their dreams.By utilizing advanced technological modes of communication and data delivery, Holly assists clients in their area of expertise.  Holly’s passion is helping people who are making a difference in the world through documentary films, music, non-profit organizations and any other form of expression. She has assisted non-profits promoting their message through social networking, social marketing, organization and event planning.


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Leigh-Chantelle is an International Speaker & Consultant; Author, Singer/Songwriter and Blogger.

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