But first, Thursday night Adele, Amanda, Chris, Techa, her friend Laya and Laya’s son all met at My Heart Garden, St Lucia for a wonderful meal.  Amanda and I had the lasagne with salad, Chris had the award-winning burger.  Adele and Techa had the “meatloaf” and Laya had the mixed platter.  I haven’t been to My Heart Garden for ages as every time I go it’s closed.  This time Chris knew the hours of operation.  We had been eyeing off the desserts and though Chris had managed to eat a few when we were talking, we got too caught up in catching up that when we remembered about ordering dessert the kitchen had closed.  Had a great night with great people.


Friday Imber and I went down to the Gold Coast Convention Centre to a spiritual expo so that I could approach potential stall holders for the Green Earth Festival.  We attended a great talk on the tarot and had a massage each, but other than that we weren’t that impressed by the pushy sales types that were jumping in front of us as we were trying to walk around.  But then there was Magic Apple:


I am ever so impressed by this photo I took of my mixed salads at Magic Apple, Burleigh.  I used to always have their hot meals, but I really enjoy their salads now.  Thought if they could have a change in their surroundings, I could change what I eat there.  Imber had scrambled tofu even though it was hours after their breakfast menu had ended.  I’ve heard quite a few negative comments about Magic Apple but I have loved this place for years and it’s where I go every birthday for lunch, followed by a walk/sun on the beach.  Mermaid and Burleigh have a great selection of vegan-friendly places.  There’s the Asian flavour of Tian Ran and Three Worlds organic café where they have some great raw dishes.  

We were meant to go home and start cooking for the next day’s Green Earth Festival meeting at mine, but by the time we got home and I answered emails and finished the minutes for the next day it was late and we were hungry.  Decided the best idea was to go to Loving Hut, Mt Gravatt where we saw Claire, Luke, Emma and Nigel amongst others.  Great minds think alike.  Loving Hut only recently installed a freezer section where there are lots of different frozen mock meats to choose from.  Imber and I decided that we would buy some “chicken” burger patties for burgers the next day.  I also got some “chicken” drumsticks.  I had the loving wrap which is my favourite, followed by a blueberry cupcake, which is amazing and the sweets chef will be sorely missed when she leaves.


The next day was the Green Earth Festival meeting from 12 midday.  Other than Imber and myself, Renata, Cam, Carol, Fenn, Michael and Helen were also in attendance.  Renata and I were the only two who had attended the last meeting so we had a bit of catching up to do.  It was a great afternoon of food.  Imber had grated up some carrot and beetroot that we added onto wholemeal buns spread with hummus and avocado, to join with the “chicken” burger patties.  I’d cooked the “chicken” drumsticks in the oven and they were quite good, but just a bit weird to be eating, a bit too close to the real thing some thought.  Carol and Fenn brought dips and snacks, Cam made (!) nori rolls, Michael brought some red grapes and Helen brought over some green grapes and some sweets.


Renata brought over some ice cream and chocolate biscuits that she was going to make dessert from for us all.  As I’d just been given a video camera for my 30th birthday from my family, I suggested that we film Renata making her ice cream delight and put it on YouTube.  She agreed and we made a great lil’ video.  Excuse the camera person, she’s not used to using a tripod!!

After a relaxing afternoon of watching Renata’s dog friend, Odie jump in and out of the pool and completely amuse himself we amused ourselves by talking many things including the Levels of Veganism, of which Cam had been told by a work colleague that he wasn’t a true vegan until he was out in the bush, self-sufficient and living off the grid!


Carol, Fenn, Cam, Imber and I met Rico at Pu Kwong, Underwood for dinner where we all chose an item from the menu and we all shared the food.  There was a bit too much “mock” meats involved, and my favourite chilli mushroom dish wasn’t available.  Picture above is Fenn’s choice of chicken in black bean sauce with vegetables in a potato noodle basket.  
Everyone agreed that the lemon “chicken” was the best meal:


We had a great day and night of great conversation and banter amongst friends.  Imber and I thought we would get home before turning into pumpkins, but it was another late night.

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