Here are the songs which got me through the year that was 2020 - chaos, my uni focus, and kicking many goals.

Leigh Chantelles Favourite Songs for 2020 

Have you seen My Fave Albums for the year?

Here are the songs which got me through the year that was 2020 - chaos, my uni focus, and kicking many goals.

Leigh Chantelles Favourite Songs for 2020 

Have you seen My Fave Albums for the year?

Allday: OTT


Baby Queen: Pretty Girl Lie

 Here are the lyrics with my lettering. Such a powerful view of social media and the adverse impacts on young people, especially women.

Pretty Girl Lie by Baby Queen. Lettering by Leigh Chantelle

Caroline Rose: Feel The Way I Want

But everybody so quick to stand up
And say it gotta be this way or that way.
Gotta ask yourself, is this really what I wanted?
Everybody so quick to cry out
And say you gotta keep your shit together,
But baby watch me freak out.

Charly Bliss: Young Enough

And when the sidewalk ripped up our frozen feet
I can't protect you now if I couldn't save you then.
You were still just a kid,
You're a beautiful boy,
Crushing cigarettes just to prove a point.
Feast for eyes, almost too alive
From gigantic down to the floor to sweat it out.
Panicked, exploding
The headlights below us.
I had to outgrow it, to know or destroy you.

Claud: Gold


They are the first signing on Phoebe Bridgers' new music label, Saddest Factory Records - check out the amazing website - click on all the things!

E^ST: Talk Deep


EGOISM: Here's the Thing


Eliott: Home

Beautiful song Eliott sings to members of her family when she's been overseas. A great lockdown song to remind us of our connection to others even if physically distanced.

Is where I wanna go
I miss the smell of the open air
I need to know we're close

GRAACE: Body Language


Gus Dapperton: Bluebird


(Run) Runner-up
I'm fast and I'm running out of luck,
I can hardly wait.
(Run) Run amok
I'd crash in time to mutilate my love
And de-mark the slate.

Gus has exquisite lyrics! Here's another example...

Gus Dapperton: Post Humourous


So make me laugh
As for my last request
If I don’t take it back
Would you ignore my last request?
Oh, would you make me laugh?
As for my last request
Babe, I won't make it back
Yeah, I am sure there's nothing left.

But as a, a reminder
Ready when you find her
I repress the iridescence of a fire.
And won't you mind him?
Steady when you find him
I confess the incandescence of a dying light.

Haim: The Steps

Hands Like Houses: The Water

Also, check out the live version of this song for Triple J's Like a Version.

High Contrast - Time Is Hardcore (feat. Kae Tempest & Anita Blay)

Held up by decisions you make
Missing this link but it isn't too late
Somewhere it's morning, call it, it's fate.
I'm the genuine article in a world of superior fakes.

If you know my faves, you know that Kae (formerly Kate) Tempest is one of these.

Their live show just at the beginning of lockdown and at the beginning of my honours year taught me to appreciate people just as I was getting annoyed at the competitive nature and non-working-together aspect of academia - ha - and that was just the beginning!

Ivey: I Hate U

Hear me out I know I've said a thousand words
I'm not messing 'round.
I can't lie. I honestly don't what's going on in my mind.
And you're right but my pride's forsaken me.
Keeps happening lately
And I've had a bad habit of seeing things in one light.
But you didn't realise that the pain I felt 
Would drift to you over time.

Jaden: Cabin Fever


Jason Derulo: Take You Dancing


Jessie Ware: Soul Control

Julien Baker: Faith Healer


Ooh, I miss it high
How it dulled the terror and the beauty
And now I see everything in startling intensity.
Oh, what I wouldn't give
If it would take away the sting a minute
Everything I love, I trade it in
To feel it rush into my chest.

Can't wait for her new album next year!

Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande: Rain On Me


Lauv: Feelings


Lauv & LANY: Mean It

Don't tell me you're falling
With your feet still on the ledge.
I'm all out of breath, baby.
Don't run me round and round.
Don't kiss me, no, don't kiss me.
Right now, on your lips just leave it
If you don't mean it.

Magdalena Bay: How to Get Physical

Fun, pop ditty, with a dreamy 90's vibe and trippy music video.

How to get physical when you're not made for dancing?
How, how to let you know I really wanna take you home?
How to get physical I guess you'll take my hand and
Oh oh, I'll really let you take control.

Mallrat: For Real


Great song from the Australian movie, Babyteeth - my fave of the year

'Cause you didn't even wanna die once this week
And when you're around, I feel less of a freak
And when you smile for real, you make me smile for real

Mat Kerekes: Low

It’s give and take
When everything is gone and so much has changed
I can tell you’re tired and nothing has gone your way in a long time
And your heart, it aches
I told you that I won’t let you get too low

Mat Kerekes: I Wish I Was Cool (ft. Justice Tripp)

I wish I was strong
I wish that hell would open up
Gimme the demons that stole your love
I’d string them up and never let them down
But now I’m strong enough to know when something’s killing me
Choose the battles that I fight right now
I gotta run

Middle Kids: R U 4 Me?


Join in my crusade shoutin' at everyone "Be nice"
When I'm not even nice myself
No, I don't even like myself

Ninajirachi & Kota Banks: True North


Ninajirachi & Kota Banks: Middle of the Night


I just wanna put my hands on you.
Got a red-bull heartbeat, I think, you could make it stop.
Look at those eyes electric blue.
Make my head go starry, are we what you think about?

Rudimental: Come Over (ft. Anne-Marie & Tion Wayne)


Skeggs: Fantasising


Fantasising about the future
Holding onto the front of the past
Hypnotized by the lure
It pulls me in sometimes but never lasts
Somewhere in between
My reality and my dreams

Soccer Mommy: Circle the Drain


I think this is a really pensive song about mental health for 2020.

And I think there’s a mold in my brain
Spreading down all the way
Through my heart and my body
‘cause I cling to the dark of my room
and the days thin me out
or just burn me straight through

Sofi Tucker: Swing (ft. Allday)


Something for Kate: Situation Room


Tia Gostelow: Always (ft. Holy Holy)


Topic & A7S: Why Do You Lie To Me? ft. Lil Baby


Troye Sivan: Easy


Valley: Homebody


Yours Truly: Siamese Souls


I’ve seen every stage of grief I can over again
Are you feeling whole again? Is this separation how it ends?
Coz I’ve been holding onto what was siamese souls
I’ll live

What have YOU been listening to?

See my Favourite Albums for 2020 list.


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