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Vegetable and chickpea salad


1 sweet potato, cut in ½ lengthwise and sliced

2 zucchinis (courgette), cut into circles

¼ pumpkin, cut into semi-circles

1 cup of beans, cut in half

1 avocado, sliced

400g chickpeas, cooked

Sweet chilli sauce

Cayenne pepper



Cook vegetables separately in microwave or pot on stove, then drain

Layer sweet potato in a circle right in the middle of your plate and drizzle with sweet chilli sauce

Position the zucchini circles on top

Place pumpkin across with the beans and chickpeas between each pumpkin piece

Fan avocado slice on top of salad and sprinkle with cayenne pepper

Decoratively circle the main salad with separate piles of the vegetables if making one large serving dish

Sprinkle with cayenne pepper and a dash of sweet chilli sauce

Serve as a main meal with brown rice or as a salad


Serves 2-4 people


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From There's a Vegan in the Kitchen: Viva la Vegan's Easy and Tasty Plant-Based Recipes by Leigh-Chantelle, copyright © 2014 by Leigh-Chantelle. Photo by Carol Slater Photography.
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