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millet vege bake


1 butternut pumpkin

1 large sweet potato

½ eggplant, sliced and salted

handful of garlic chives, sliced

1 cup millet

2 cups water

400gr cannellini beans, cooked

400gr butter beans, cooked



Cook the millet in the water for 30 minutes until soft

Using food processor, process the pumpkin, combine with chives and set aside

Process the sweet potato and set aside

Mash the cannellini beans and butter beans together, set aside

In a baking dish press down the millet mixture

Add the pumpkin and chives, press down

Then add the eggplant, followed with the beans

Sweet potato on top

Cook in a medium over for 20-30 minutes


Serves 4-6 people

Serve with salad

Recipe and Photo © Leigh-Chantelle 2006

Leigh-Chantelle is an International Speaker & Consultant; Author, Singer/Songwriter and Blogger.

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