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This Sunday is the biggest vegan celebration - and event - in Australia, Melbourne's World Vegan Day!

WVD poster 2016

Here's the list of:

I'll be giving my talk on Ethics Beyond the Plate at 4pm 3:30pm

LC WVD talk

My blurb:

With the mainstream media watering down the meaning of veganism with its dietary, fitness and weight-loss focus, is the vegan movement losing its core ethics? Find out more about how we can work together as vegans and activists to promote inclusivity, learn from other movements, and lead by example to promote compassion to ALL we encounter. Learn how to become a more effective activist and make these much-needed changes.

Vegan Athletes Book

My new Vegan Athletes Book will be for sale for $25 at the Prana ON table on the day. There's a limited amount, so get in quick. Billy Simmonds will be available to sign your copy, as will a lot of other vegan athletes from the book - see Emilie & Luke Tan, Simone Collins and many others in the Fitness Zone.

Vegan Athletes Book image by LC for WVD

Please spread the word.

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