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To celebrate the first night of my not-for-profit Green Earth Group's first Letter Writing event for the year, I made up a new leaflet to hand out to our attendees last night and to share online:


One of the major things I try to focus my efforts on is inspiring other vegans to be active in all the ways that they possibly can. Based on skills, expertise but mostly what they're passionate about. There are so many different ways that people can inspire others. By being passionate about what you're promoting is a great place to start. So, what are your passions? Mine are all related to communication, in all it's forms. Letter Writing is just one way I can get the vegan lifestyle message out to the mainstream by writing to businesses, newspapers, magazines, politicians as well as showing support to our Animal Rights activists who are incarcerated.

Here's the other side of the flyer:


PLEASE click on the images to see the handouts on FaceBook. If you would like me to email you a copy, please Contact Me.

The information on the leaflets about writing to Businesses, Editors and Politicians was sourced from Animal Rights Advocates, PETA and the Media Awareness Project. Our Hen House also have some great information on Writing for Animal Rights. If you want to find a newspaper in your area, see HERE. I strongly encourage everyone in the Animal Rights movement to write letters to activists who have been imprisoned and show them some support. See AR Prisoners Support, Bite Back, Support Vegans In the Prison System and Vegan Prisoners Support Group for more information.

Green Earth Group is a not-for-profit environmental awareness group who aim to promote a better way of living – for us, for our animal friends and for our planet. I've put on two successful all-vegan festivals (along with the help of wonderful volunteers) the past two years in Brisbane, Australia but now the focus is on smaller, regular events. We have regular Letter Writing nights, Video Viewings, Outreach & Leafletting and free vegan food samples. If you're in the Brisbane area, I hope you can get involved. If you're not in Brisbane and would like to be involved with Letter Writing, please see our Letter Writing group on FaceBook. Here's our Upcoming Events for the year:


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