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Today I received a great email from Kathy Divine who runs the Vegans are Cool website and the Vegan of the Year awards.

She let me know that Viva la Vegan! has won an award for Outstanding Vegan Website for 2013!


The Vegan of the Year Awards belong to the quiet achievers this year. Several people were nominated without their knowledge as they are too humble to ever consider nominating themselves. Luckily, they have friends, fans and admirers who want to share their work with a wider audience. We have included a brief introduction about the Vegan of the Year winners and their websites so you can discover more about these vegan champions.

It is also the year of very young recipients of the Young Vegan of the Year Award: the youngest being four years old and the oldest a mere twelve years old.

The purpose of the Vegan of the Year Awards is to give due recognition to vegans who are doing extraordinary work to promote veganism in the wider community – whether through activities such as activism, running a vegan restaurant or through the media and arts. We also hope the work of the Award winners will inspire others to follow in their brilliant footsteps.

Here's my award:


Thanks to those who nominated me.

Congratulations to the others:
Vegan of the Year:
Young Vegans of the Year:
Isabelle Ellul
Outstanding Vegan Website:
Outstanding Animal Activist:
Catherine Smith (Australia)
Outstanding Animal Rescue/Animal Rights Organisation:
Outstanding Vegan Business:
Outstanding Vegan Restaurant:
Millennium – San Francisco, U.S.A
Karma Waters – Hoi Ann, Vietnam
Carrots, Bangalore, India
Loving Hut, Brisbane, Australia
Loving Hut, Menton, France
Outstanding Vegan Athlete:
Outstanding Vegan Author:
Rip Esselstyn for My Beef With Meat
Billie Dean for Secret Animal Business
Outstanding Vegan Musician/Entertainer:
Outstanding Vegan Media Outlet:
Outstanding Vegan Non-Profit Organisation:

Read the official announcement on Vegans are Cool.

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