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easy pancakes


1 cup flour (I used besan/chickpea flour)

2 tblsp baking powder

1 tblsp agave/coconut nectar

1/8 tsp salt

1 cup cruelty-free milk (eg brown rice milk or soy milk)

2 tbsp vegetable oil e.g. coconut oil



Combine all dry ingredients

Add liquids

Mix all together - add more liquid if too dry, more flour if too wet

Add mix to heated and oiled skillet or pan

Flip over when bubbling at the edges

Repeat until all the mixture is used


Add agave/coconut nectar, coconut milk/cream, berries, fruit, cacao nibs etc to serve

Watch the how-to Video:

Recipe © Leigh-Chantelle 2015

Leigh-Chantelle is an International Speaker & Consultant; Author, Singer/Songwriter and Blogger.

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