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Viva La Vegan!
About Leigh-Chantelle

Leigh-Chantelle is a published Author, International Speaker, Singer/Songwriter and Blogger who lives mostly in Brisbane, Australia.

She runs the online community Viva la Vegan!, the not-for-profit environmental awareness Green Earth Group as well as coordinates in-person and online coaching and training for Online Etiquette Education, Engaging Volunteers, Staging Effective Events, Effective Activism and Empowering Vegans.

Leigh-Chantelle is available for training, coaching, select speaking engagements, seminars, panel discussions and readings.

To enquire about a possible appearance, please contact her.

Leigh-Chantelle by Carol Slater Photography


You can find Leigh-Chantelle and her groups on FaceBook, iTunes, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, Pinterest and Google+

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Leigh-Chantelle on music.

Written by the wonderful Australian author and poet, Adam J Murray

Through song Leigh-Chantelle is in search of a better world. Not a fantasy utopia created by fictitious lyrics but a call to action of our kind, a reuniting of our races and cultures to stand together no longer in apathy but strength.

Leigh-Chantelle’s music seeks to reach to the core of humanity, to reawaken us to an earlier time before fundamentalism prejudices and corporate madmen, warmongers and rampart industrialism. Its roots lie in the ancient resonation that is the core of us all, that deep internal rhythm that moves with the tide, with the wind stirred leaves, with the rising of a new dawn.
She hopes to bridge the widening gap between our own organic spirituality and the continuing distancing animal consciousness shared by all in the animal kingdom, not an appreciation of our natural environment but a deep reverence of it as we feel it stir within us with each breath.

Her songs encourage liberation, contemplation and action, each note rising higher to form a crescendo of activism, of self-appreciation and most of all life.

At a time when the world is sinking in a tsunami of media propaganda, corporate logos, junk food, mind-jarring television advertisements and pollution Leigh-Chantelle hopes that we will turn our backs on what is being force fed to us and dine on the heart and soul that is the banquet of her music and spoken word. Remaining independent and grassroots to bring to the people what they are truly hungry for, something real and tangible, something to believe in.

So many people on this planet that do not live in a western society face oppression, war, disease, torture and starvation and Leigh-Chantelle recognising the power of her freedom being a woman in a democratic western society uses it to its full potential standing tall above ignorance and apathy to bring not just her message but the message of those others underprivileged, of the struggle of the animals and the beating heart of the earth to all she touches through song. Music, where each person learns a bit more about the way we humans interact and feel and live and dream.
Leigh-Chantelle tries to inspire people with whatever she does, leading by action and example, encouraging others to search through the media manipulations and hold something organic and real. She writes songs from the heart and soul, possessing lyrics that encourage others to express themselves despite their situation, culture, race or religion.

Her words are political, inspirational and comment on social justice issues, she’s a spokesperson for animal rights and for individual experience and emotion, not so removed from individual soul to neglect bringing personal torment to her music and the beating of her own heart.

It’s a fundamental for Leigh-Chantelle to keep her music publicly assessable, giving it to the community where, through her own experiences within the community, the music has truly come from.

She has no grand delusions of being a rock star, but simply is here on this earth to educate and be educated and knows that through her music she is reaching people and achieving the equilibrium she is seeking within.

It’s a strand that she attempts to pull through us all, linking us together as one people united in action and activism under the banner of her voice.

Her two biggest influences are Dar Williams and Ani DiFranco.
Both advocates in the way women are always trying to compete against one another and through song finding the strength to rise above this.
Leigh-Chantelle has a core respect for lyrics and words and intellectualising situations, feelings and emotions. She loves Ani’s song through this, her ability to put this all together to a great beat of music and breath.

Leigh-Chantelle’s ultimate goal is creating and maintaining a successful independent label and business that still holds the highest of ethics and morals, not succumbing to major label intervention. A label that is more than just song, a label that is a touchstone that inspires normal people to achieve powerful positive change.

Leigh-Chantelle on Positive Social Change.

Leigh-Chantelle believes in maximizing power and opportunity as an individual. She not only has given birth to a plethora of song and spoken word but delved within herself to find the energy for the creation of Viva la Vegan!

Viva la Vegan! promotes the educating of people through its recipes and articles. It encourages everyone to search for the truth and educate others by being aware and informed of not just food groups but where they come from including the animal rights and heath issues associated with them. is an interactive online community where people can become educated as well as make connections with people around the world and encourage others to evolve.

People are realising the benefits of veganism more now, and focusing on the reasons why, such as animal rights and welfare concerns, environmental and sustainable living, ethical and moral reasons, health issues, spiritual beliefs and weight control. The environment and climate change is probably the biggest area people are realising that by changing their diets they can help change the way the world is heading and become part of its healing.

Her drive to lift this off the ground, to create an arena for vegans to communicate, inspire and educate is only tantamount to her passion for veganism, the social justice movement and animal rights issues close to her heart and her unwavering strength as an eco-feminist.

Local grassroots activists that get the work done inspire her. A few well-know people have been very important in getting the animal rights and vegan scene from the beginning stages so that it could become what it is today, such as Peter Singer, Ingrid Newkirk, Carol Adams, Donald Watson but there are so many people involved with animal liberation and vegan/vegetarian groups that are tireless and unrecognised in their efforts. Leigh-Chantelle is truly awed by those who, like her, have changed their lives completely to follow their passion, who have gone against the mainstream, followed their heart and soul and shown how one person can truly make a difference.
She works to encourage all people from all walks of life to look outside the square, step outside the pigeonhole and search within their own heart to find their individual purpose for the privilege to stand here on earth surrounded by infinite beauty and wonder. To always believe that we all can create positive change around and within us. With everything we do there is cause and effect and Leigh-Chantelle moves forward to inspire others to be their own source of inspiration and wonder.

She believes her niche on the planet is the area of self-evident, self-actualising and self-aware artists and people who through their work encourage the same in others. A long way from preaching or judging Leigh-chantelle strives to reignite the fire within us through her own example so that we may finally open our eyes from our sleepwalking to set the world on fire with passion.

“Creatively educating via own unattained equilibrium”